Our experienced Operations team in Auto Chartering begins his work before a voyage is fixed, initially Revising the Shipping Terms by checking and making sure that back to back terms are being equally fixed and used between all parties involved on the Fixture.

Once voyage is fixed, we do take care of Nominating a Performer Vessel to all parties involved (Shippers/Receivers/Agents), making sure all of them have been properly provided with nominated performer vessel and same is duly confirmed timely.

Upon final performer vessels’ confirmation, our staff Nominate Ship Agents and establishes contact with them, both at loading and discharging ports, in order to ensure they are fully and duly appointed and reported.

Prior to the beginning of the voyage, we already start Tracking Vessels’ Position to secure her arrival at loading port within the agreed loading dates, and we do monitor and manage since then the full voyage by providing Non-stopping information with fully updated and constant information about arrival notices, sea passage, daily loading/discharging evolution and checking/control of Cargo Documents.

Our team does not operate only for Voyage Charters but also for Time Charter Shipments, where we are able to provide full management and coordination with Master, Ship-owners and Agents for a full Time Charter trip or period, and we take care that the smoothest operations and instructions are being carried out and followed by all parties.

Our work is not fully completed without Laytime and Time Sheet revision and assessment, which we can provide for every shipment, checking that they are properly calculated according to agreed shipping terms, and always trying to obtain as much profit as possible.

Beyond the above regular services that we do perform on daily basis, our global team offers and provides as well shipping assessment on Cargo Claims and Damages, always trying to avoid reaching the last step with lawyers or arbitrators.

Additionally, we are able to provide some kind of worldwide service similar to Port Captain Monitoring by offering our means to face all kind of unexpected inconveniences at port, such as damages to vessel. Likewise, our experienced team is ready to carry out and arrange all kind of operations to solve all troubles and difficulties suffered by the vessel, such as arrangement for holds cleaning.

Moreover, we can arrange covers on Charterers’ Liability and/or Cargo Insurance and quote/offer Bunker Supply to the vessels world-wide.

All above services, of course, always under a fully Private and Confidential atmosphere since no any information is never disclosed to any third party wihout consent.

And, last but not least, needless to say that we offer a complete direct contact with all the staff in our Operations Department via E-mail, Phone, Skype or MSN available 24 hours a day the whole 365 days of the year.